Corner View

Corner View Aug 28, 2012

This view is taken to line up with the perspective drawings provided by the architect.  This is the view you would see if you were standing near the flag poles across the street west of the Rotunda.

These two pictures were taken April 12th.

perspective view with VT 13-04-12 Perspective view 13-04-12

As of March 27th the CMU construction is nearly complete.

Perspective View 13-03-27

This March 12th view shows the begining of the second floor.

perspective view 13-03-12

This is the view as of February 13th.

perspective view 13-02-13_resize

This is the view of the concrete pump in action on January 29th.

Perspective View Jan 29

This is the view on December 8th prior to start of construction.


One thought on “Corner View

  1. Congratulations on your new beginning. I grew up in the old church and was married in Vivan Chapel — next to that, at the far left in this view, was the “new” Education building, consecrated 50 years ago last May (I accepted the keys as Chair of the Education Commission, back when we had three pastors and more than 1200 members.

    Dick Nailen
    West Allis, Wisconsin

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